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Last-Minute Labor Day Menu Ideas

Last month we gave you some pointers for planning a perfect Labor Day party.   So those of you who took our advice to heart and planned ahead are good to go, right?   But we’re guessing many of you invited a few friends over and you’re scrambling to figure out what to serve them.  Well, no worries. Here are some menu ideas that are sure to please.

Hot off the Grill

Burgers and dogs are great, but you can also serve your guests something different.  Try salmon burgers. Mmmm…  Dice a your filets finely, mix with bread crumbs and herbs, form patties and grill lightly on each side.  Drizzle lightly with lemon-infused olive oil, top with freshly chopped red bell peppers and mixed greens and serve in a grilled pita pocket.

Serve your salmon burgers with a side of grilled asparagus and hot buttery corn on the cob sprinkled with sea salt.

Chilled Drinks

In some parts of the country, September brings mild temperatures.  In Atlanta, it’s going to be sunny and in the mid-80s this weekend.  Help your guests cool off with some chilly drinks.  Beer goes well with barbecue. Instead of your favorite standbys, go for a local Atlanta microbrew.

Prefer cocktails?  Mix a fresh batch of Patriot Tea.  Start by brewing the Atlanta staple – homemade sweet tea, lemon, mint, American Honey and bourbon.  Shake up some refreshing cucumber martinis and make it special with a hint of basil.

Sweet Treats

What’s a party without dessert?  Keep your sweet retreats simple, light and fresh.  Dish out high-quality frozen vanilla yogurt and top with fresh juicy berries and kiwi.  Sprinkle with chopped nuts and just a dab of real whipped cream.

Most importantly, keep your Labor Day party stress free and have fun.  Remember, Labor Day is your day to relax.

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